Making the decision to bring two families together is never easy. The experience can be rewarding, but you are bound to have a few bumps along the way. Making sure to put your children and your spouse’s children from previous relationships first can go a long way to ensure a smooth transition for everyone.

Winston Salem Moving Company has these suggestions for painlessly blending households:

  • Make sure to resolve any issues related to your previous relationship. For everyone involved, a new marriage can bring up unresolved issues from the previous relationships. Children sometimes harbor unrealistic expectations that their biological parents will get back together. This can create hostility toward a new union. Exes can throw a wrench into plans as well. If there has been past abuse, that person and their children may have trust issues. Make sure clear custody and visitation arrangements are made well in advance of your new marriage. Family counseling beforehand can help solve these issues and give you a blueprint for structuring your new family.
  • Decide exactly what roles step-parents will play in the children’s lives. Sit down as a couple and deciding parenting roles, household rules, and household duties. Remember, there will be a time of adjustment for everyone. Don’t try to make your new family look like your old one. Different people have different personalities and bring unique dynamics to the table. Again, a family counselor can help and act as a mediator between you and the kids where needed.
  • Get finances in check. Make sure that both of you go into this with full knowledge of where the other stands financially. Try to eliminate as much debt as possible to start with a clean slate. Work together to set up a household budget. You will also need to discuss how the children will be provided for. Keeping things fair and equal can be tough when you factor in child support from an ex or an ex’s involvement with your children. Discuss where you will live and handle any necessary real estate issues. Studies show that if possible, it is best for a blended family to move into a completely new home to avoid issues with one set of children feeling like they don’t belong. Hiring a moving company like Winston Salem movers can give you peace of mind and extra time to focus on your new family.

A little planning, respect, and patience can make for smooth sailing when it comes to blending families. In the end, the experience can be extremely rewarding. Congratulations on your new adventure!