Packing boxes close-up

Moving provides a new and exciting phase of life and we all need help with our moving packing checklist. 

Idea #1: Make sure to start two months ahead of time with your packing checklist for moving

Start by organizing a folder with a list of what you have and what you need when you make the move. This is similar to taking inventory of your belongings and will help down the road. Make sure to keep receipts and paperwork in this folder to have it all together for the future.

Idea #2: Get rid of what you do not need 

Purge away all of the unnecessary items before packing it all up into boxes. Everything that you currently own costs money to move, so why keep the items from your basement or attic that you haven’t looked at for years?

Idea #3: Research moving companies, make travel arrangements, get prepared to start packing 

  1. Moving companies: Start by asking the people around you about their experiences with moving and if they have recommendations and look online for the area near you. Next, get in-person and written estimates on moving costs from the places you are considering using for your moving packing checklist.
  2. Travel arrangements: If you need to, make sure you have everything in order for the week of the move. This is an essential step for anyone moving who has kids or pets.
  3. Packing prep: A packing checklist is not anything without preparation. Find out if the movers that you are moving with provide boxes. Don’t forget the packing tape, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and even color system of either markers or tape for your boxes.

Idea #4: Start packing little by little 

Make sure that you have a system of organization when getting together what you have in your current rooms. Track your boxed items from your moving packing checklist to make sure you pack in the most efficient ways. If it helps, keep a spreadsheet or color code your boxes with tape or write on them with color coded markers. This will save you time in the long run of unpacking.

Idea #5: Make your life easier the week of the move

We all want make sure our move goes smoothly, here are some examples of things to look out for:
1. Confirm your dates with movers
2. Charge your address on all of your mailings
3. Defrost your refrigerator and make sure other electronics are taken care of
4. Use the moving folder to keep track of all of your important papers

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